Blasted Past:

Modern Man in the Old West

Coming Spring 2023

Blasted Past: Modern Man in the Old West


He’s on the verge of losing it all. When he’s catapulted into the Old West, will he find a future worth saving?


Santa Monica, 2017. Jim Nagle is reeling from betrayal. Devastated after his son leaves their investment firm and steals their best clients, the successful financial executive finds himself mired in legal issues and abandoned by his family. And when he travels from California to the Lone Star State for a vintage car show, a freak accident with an out-of-control driver knocks him into a ditch… and back in time to 1872.


Unable at first to accept what’s happened, Nagle quickly discovers his 21st-century tech and skills are worthless in post-Civil War Texas. But after taking a job as a lawman, his interest in a widowed Apache interpreter pits him against a deadly group of Native American warriors.


Will Nagle finally find peace with the lovely woman, or will he be pushing up daisies on Boot Hill?


Blasted Past is the first book in the Where a Greater Power Leads historical western fantasy series. If you like nuanced characters, rich landscapes, and science-fiction surprises, then you’ll love Walter Danley’s explosive look back.


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