About Walter Danley

It took twenty years for Danley to write his first novel, The Tipping Point: A Wainwright Mystery.  Walter may type slowly, but he turns out some highly praised, fast-paced, thrillers !

Walter Danley is the author of the acclaimed Wainwright Mystery series featuring two of his novels, The Tipping Point  and Inside Moves.  His fifth novel, Blasted Past: A Modern Man in the Old West, will debut the new series,  Where Greater Power Leads, due out in the spring of 2023.

Danley spent four decades as an investement executive on a national platform. So it's not surprising that both of his series protagnoists also do. Wainwright finds foul play in the 21st century, while in Blasted Past, the 54 year-old Jim Nagle suffers a freak accident and is transported back to an 1872 small post -Civil War Texas town. His first first adventure is finding his way back to Santa Monica and 2017.

Art imitates life...

Walter’s blue-collar background is far from the emotionally compelling, high-flying characters he has developed in his stories. Walter served his country as a Navy Hospital Corpsman, and later as a medic in the Fleet Marine Force. You can bet that some of these stories will show up in Danley’s future novels.


Following his honorable discharge, he attended Community College at night while his daytime job was as a salesman of kitchen cabinets to developers of tract homes and apartment buildings. It is to one of those developer clients that Danley is eternally grateful. He encouraged Danley to enter the commercial real estate business. This fortunate experience began a four-decade career in the investment side of the property business. His achievements were recognized when he became a principal partner in a national real estate investment firm.


Danley is proud of his five grown sons, Two CPA’s, his oldest son is the CEO of a major pipeline contracting firm and two of his brothers hold management positions with his company.


The Danley sons mother was such a wonderful wife and mother that Walter married her twice. Now, this is where Danley’s story gets to be a little complicated.

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